walterWalter is a Bosnian-Swedish company with a staff of 85 employees. Currently, it is located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, but in the near future there will be a Walter office opening in Stockholm, Sweden and San Francisco, United States. Walter provides solutions based on the BIM platform to architectural/construction companies.

Depending on the client's needs, Walter can provide services ranging from bare digitization of the building technical drawings, creation of 3D models of the building, animation and visualization of the buildings, smart IT solutions and web systems to assist in building design and management. Furthermore, Walter offers a full spectrum of design work, both in construction processes (architectural ideas and projects, mechanical, electrical, structural designs, presentation and visualization of the projects, etc.).

Walter adds on to these services by providing graphic and industrial design solutions. Walter's commitment is to support innovations in construction and to always strive to offer smarter, more sustainable living conditions.

Walter/IT Department is software department provider of information technology solutions and services for Western European Market.

We create smart, innovative and cost effective solutions to small and large business, while creating long term and stable relationships with our clients.


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